Bachelorette Parties

Best Bachelorette Parties in NYC:

It Is Not a Cliche, But We Are The Best!!! Check it Out


We are NYC premier destination for the bachelorette and her entourage. Our packages are most affordable and includes open bar, absolute privacy, pole for each participant and many party themes to choose from such as Pole Dance Class, Belly Dance Class, Salsa Dance Class, Sip and Draw, and many other customized themes.  

We are the only studio with 20 13-foot-tall brass poles all installed in one large private room. With so many poles in one large room, we are the only school that can accommodate large group of girls, and unlike other studios we can also provide a pole for each girl. You are welcome to bring food if you book the 3-hours party.


Complementary photo shoot is an option and upon availability. You can bring 10 girls and as many as 32-48 attendees for an hour class and and as long as 8 hours party.

Party Themes

We offer many themes to choose from

  1. Pole Dance Class

  2. Belly Dance Class

  3. Latin Dance Class

  4. Sip and Draw

  5. Your own theme


For the Pole Class theme, we will have 16 to 20 13-foot-tall brass poles.  While all studios provide 3-6 poles and very few 8 poles for a party, we are the only studio in NY that provide 16 and up to 20 poles for one party within a huge space.  


For the belly dance theme, we will provide a hip carve for each girl, and if you like we can add a tarot session where the girls can get a general reading or ask 3 specific questions. Fresh Mediterranean food and hot pitas is also an option, though you can bring your own food for the 3-hours party.


We also offer a Latin dance and Hip Hop theme by a guest teacher, who is feature Best of New York by New York Magazine.


  • 2 hours

  • 1 hour Dance class and 1 hour Dance Play

  • Open bar: 2 signature drinks. 

  • Beverages.

  • Private Teacher

  • Photo shoot (we will not post them to the public)


Rates for 10 girls, 2 hours

  • Mon-Wed, 12pm - 2am, $450 ($40 for any additional girl)

  • Thu/Sun, 10am - 2am, $550 ($50 for any additional girl)

  • Fri/Sat, 10am - 2pm, $550 ($50 for any additional girl)

  • Fri/Sat,  2pm - 6pm, $650 ($60 for any additional girl)

  • Fri/Sat,  6pm - 10pm, $750 ($70 for any additional girl)

  • Fri/Sat, 10pm - 2am, $850 ($80 for any additional girl)

Rates for 15 girls.

  • Mon-Wed, 12pm - 2am, $600 ($40 for any additional girl)

  • Thu/Sun, 10am - 2am, $750 ($50 for any additional girl)

  • Fri/Sat, 10am - 2pm, $750 ($50 for any additional girl)

  • Fri/Sat, 2pm - 6pm, $900 ($60 for any additional girl)

  • Fri/Sat, 2pm - 10pm, $1,050 ($70 for any additional girl)

  • Fri/Sat, 10pm - 2am, $1,200 ($80 for any additional girl)