Classes, Pricing, Schedule

Salsa, 55 min

1 class- $25.
4 classes- $80 classes

It’s Hot. It’s Sexy. It’s Salsa!!! 

Our group classes give you a chance to learn and practice new moves and routines before hitting the dance floor. Start at an absolute beginner level and gradually move up to the advance levels. We offer classes in NY style Salsa, LA Salsa, Cuban Salsa, Bachata, Cha-Cha and more.

 No partners is needed.
Beginners:        Mon-8pm, Wed-8pm
Intermediate   Tue-8pm, Thu-8pm


Bachata, 55 min

1 class- $25.

4 classes- $80 classes

It’s Sensual. It’s irresistible. It’s Bachata!!! 

The Bachata is a dance for everyone. Due to its versatility and simplicity, Bachata has surpassed the Salsa as the most popular Latin dance around the world. There are no strict steps or turns, and it can easily be adapted to flow with a variety of musical arrangements and tempo.

No partners is needed.

Beginners:        Mon-9pm, Wed-9pm

Intermediate:  Tue-9pm, Thu-9pm

Sip and Pole, 2 hrs, $40

A Happy Hour unlike anything you'll find at your local bar!

The event features, pole class, pole play and Muscato. No experience is necessary. At this happy hour, you will have the opportunity to practice, experience and explore this popular dance style with your friends and other people like you.

Bring a girlfriend and double the fun for $10 less

Open Class:      Thu - 8pm to 10pm 

Wedding Dance 

Tie the knot with style and grace! 

   Planning your wedding can be stressful. For that reason, we set up a studio with a stress-free ambiance, absolute privacy and even serve a glass of wine to chill you out. By the time you complete your classes you will learn few routines that can be mixed together as you dance.

   We offer any dance style that fit your wedding song such as, Swing, American Rumba, Foxtrots, Waltz, Argentine Tango, Cha-Cha etc.

   Formerly, voted Best of New York, by New York Magazine, we offer a fun learning experience which cannot be matched by the typical NYC studios. 

Price for a Couple:                        

  • $125 per hour, 

  • Buy 5 classes for $500

  • Buy 10 classes for $900


By appointment